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World of Learning 2017 reflections

By Amandine Coutant on novembre, 2 2017


 MySkillCamp participated at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Birmingham, which brings together senior level buyers with leading suppliers of Learning and Development (L&D) products, solutions and advice.  This is a renowned annual 2-day conference which presents opportunities to discover the latest in digital L&D with live workshops, technology test drives, one-to-one consultations and conferences.

Why is the World of Learning essential?

  1. The most established event in the UK industry, with experience in delivering learning and training  suppliers to an audience of senior L&D professionals
  2. Held in association with the British Institute of Learning & Development
  3. Held in partnership with the UK's leading L&D print and online media
  4. The ideal gateway to the L&D marketplace

The Exhibition delivered ground-breaking products and concepts, as well as a treasure chest of knowledge and inspiration to visitors.  Here are a few offered by exhibitors and conference speakers:

L&D should be less film director more festival organiser.  Geoff Stead, Director of Digital, Cambridge University

Technology alone will fail.  Design meaningful user experiences instead.   Nick Shackelton-Jones, Director  Learning & Performance Innovation, PA Consulting Group

Line managers are rarely recognised as a crucial part of an L&D team, but they are crucial.  Andy Lancaster, CIPD Head of L&D Content

Identify what your learners, employees and partners need.  Then create not just a course but a learning journey for them.  Ian Escario, MySkillCamp

According to @TowardsMaturity research effective learners are purposeful, curious, sociable, proactive and adaptable.  Robin Hoyle, Author of Informal Learning for Organisations

Combine creativity with adaptation to create innovation.  Dr Fons Trompenaars, Consultant, Trainer and Author

In five years a third of human jobs in professional services firms will be replaced by AI.  We can't stop AI replacing people's jobs, but we can improve our adaptability and upskill our people to be ready for that future.  Louise Brownhill, PwC

The World of Learning 2017 is an essential event for organisations seeking to build successful digital learning strategies.  It showcased and delivered the most effective methods and solutions for successful learning results.

To learn more about how you can create and integrate your organisational learning into effective learning journeys and scale your training, contact Ian at

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