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How do companies extend their digital training programmes to a wider audience?

By Amandine Coutant on octobre, 17 2017



Many Learning managers are proficient at employee training, performance and development.  However, when it comes to training a wider audience - offices in multiple locations, franchisees, and customers - it can be a struggle and a juggling act to implement online learning successfully.  

Professionals are starting to look for solutions to the problem of larger company learning. Profit-minded departments such as sales, marketing and customer service rely on learning to sell more products and services, and a robust, effective online platform is required in today's business environment.

What does a well-connected platform do?

Simply, a learning platform that understands big businesses serves multiple audiences differently but connects them easily.  It will be able to create, manage and track content throughout different learners, departments and business units outside the 'mother' company. So how do you define your scope for this type of a learning platform?

  1. Ask questions about your needs.  How many different business locations, franchisees and customers do you have?  How will you add users?  How will the platform scale, and will your training synchronise easily without having to re-create content all over again?  Do you get to keep your content?


  1.  Identify your platform audience.  Learning content can be available for employees, customers, franchisees, business partners, and others.  How would you like to serve them or what is the most effective way for them to be served?


  1.  Determine your approach to learning.  Organisations and HR professionals approach learning differently.  Do you plug in other software to your LMS such as authoring tools and tracking devices which may add to your annual costs?  Are you looking for a solution that is all-in-one that can fulfil your overall requirements?


  1.  Develop an analysis and prepare your budget.  Is there a Learning platform that offers a positive solution to expand your training to external audiences?  

Training a wider audience brings challenges, however, a robust platform built for medium to large businesses connects multiple audiences easily, holds together all the separate training content and is powerful enough to distribute and manage users effectively.   

Are you a company with extended company needs?

Contact to learn more about multiple audience training.

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