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How do you define your LMS platform requirements?

By Ian Escario on septembre, 19 2017


It’s not as hard as you think; begin by asking yourself 'Do I know and understand my training needs and business requirements'?   Once you get the answer to this question right, defining the kind of platform you want as per your needs becomes simple.  


Let's take a look at some of these platform requirements:

5 types of requirements


  1. Functional use - Who is your audience and how are they going to interact with the LMS?  Are they students, members of the general public, employees, customers, members or franchisees?  


  1. Technical - How are you going to deploy your platform?  What integrations are involved and how much data is required to be transferred over?


  1. Professional Services - Is this your first time using a learning platform?   If so, you'll most probably need the assistance of your provider to help implement your LMS.


  1. Customer Support - What kind of ongoing customer support would you like?    


  1. Business terms and type of vendor - What length of contract are you looking for, or do you prefer a flexible (pay-monthly with no commitment) model?


Try focusing on these questions and work to define your requirements in order to identify the best option for your training and business needs.  


Do you have a list of your training needs?  If so, feel free to share them with us below:


You then need to choose your platform; we will cover this with you in the next step.


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