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Five Steps for Successful Platform Implementation for the First-time Buyer

By Ian Escario on octobre, 3 2017


Last week I explored the different types of platforms.  This week I'll show you five steps towards successfully implementing your platform so that you can move forward and deliver your training with confidence.


Your company may have found a platform to match your exact needs, one that's loaded with modern features, flexibility and a beautiful interface, but if it's not properly implemented, your platform will sit there gathering virtual dust!  Is this really what you want?  You may even end up with a costly implementation that drags on for months and months. In order to avoid this, begin on the right foot by assembling your team (together with a project manager from your Learning Platform company), and establish a timeframe for implementation.


Now let's have a look at the step-by-step process to get you there:


Planning, Configuration, Testing, Implementation and Go live



Your plan will revolve around the analysis of your training needs and business goals.  A great way to start is to meet and map out your project with your platform vendor.  A strong project manager will be a great asset to your implementation.



The next step is where a lot of work will be done; this involves creating and designing your training courses and their integration.  Your platform project manager will train you on the types of tools you'll need to build your courses and integrate your new platform with any systems you might already have in place, such as a CRM.  An optional added step here would be course and data migration - but only if you are changing your LMS to a new platform.




Nearly there!  The last stage before going live is to conduct user testing.  Your own organisation is the 'user' and you are testing the Learning Platform to ensure everything works and is ready for the big launch day.  You can also assign a test to a small group of employees and voluntary customers.  Your learning platform vendor should work with you all the way until your launch day, so once all tests have been completed, you're ready to go live!  


Go Live

You've made it!  The final step is to go live with your new learning platform.  To prepare to launch, it's a good idea to meet with your core team and advise them to avoid scheduling any training during the week of your launch if at all possible.  


Preparation and attention to detail translate to excellence.  Maintain an open mind-set, trust your team and your learning portal partner and your training platform will take off in style.  


So there we are; you are now in possession of all the skills and knowledge that you require to take part in digital learning in the right way, even setting up your own Learning Platform.


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