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Collaborate in the production of your modules!

By Julie Villard on juin, 12 2020

At myskillcamp, we believe that collaboration is a major issue when creating digital content.  To ensure optimal teaching and better monitoring, Studio allows three types of collaboration:  

- Individual sharing of a module by its owner,

- Collaboration with the whole of your company using “Company mode”,

- Customisation of a session by a trainer.

Let’s have a look at these options in detail!

Individual sharing

When you create a module in myskillcamp, you’re the owner. You’re therefore free to modify it, and manage the sessions associated with it. By adding collaborators to your module, you can therefore authorise them to share this module with other pairs.  How? 

Step 1 - Manage the “I create” interface and the list of your modules.

Step 2 - Search for the module which you wish to modify.

Step 3 - Click on the crayon tag to open the module and access the collaboration mode settings.


Step 4 - In the side menu of Studio, open the “Collaboration” tag.

Step 5 - You can then add collaborators to this module and its sessions. You will be given two options:

     - Search for a user in the list of available collaborators.

     - Search for a user in the search bar.

Step 6 - Once the use has been found, click on the “+” and start your collaboration! 


The company contents

Since the launch of the Learning eXperience Platform (LXP), another alternative has existed: sharing content with your company, using the “Company content” toggle button.  How does it work?

By activating it, you can make your company the owner of the module you’ve just created. The action is reversible: once the content becomes company property, it no longer belongs to you any more than any other user.

If the company is the owner of the content, it is still possible to add new collaborators. In other words, you can:

     - Grant access to your network of creators thanks to the “company mode” defined in content.

     - Invite additional collaborators through individual sharing.

Accordingly, any person with access to this company’s content can automatically modify this module, and manage its sessions. Who exactly are these people? Those whom your administrator has enabled to access company content, in the “I organise” interface, through user access management.  



Modifying a session

Lastly, let us remember that during a session it is possible to customise its content, for example to adapt it to participants and their expectations.           

Who can do this?

Anyone with management rights over a module may manage and customise its sessions (owners and collaborators). If a piece of content is in “company mode”, the core group of creators and collaborators will automatically have the option of adjusting the session based on the target working group.  


This includes one final example: you may allocate one or more trainer(s) to each session, and they naturally have the option of customising the session for which they are responsible. However, this does not give them any control over the entirety of your module and/or over the entirety of the associated sessions.  


Do you wish to find out more about myskillcamp’s Studio?  Contact one of our experts to discuss the matter.  

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