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Digital learning supporting employee onboarding

By Caroline Lefevre on juillet, 22 2020

headway-5QgIuuBxKwM-unsplashEmployee onboarding is a crucial step to instill the corporate culture from the outset and develop a sense of belonging.  It’s at this precise moment that everything plays out and the foundations of your relationship with the new employee are laid.


Onboarding, an overarching process

The induction phase of a new employee is the last phase in the recruitment process.  This means that there must be no disconnect between the point where the person is hired and the point where they start working for your company.  One piece of advice: keep in contact, especially when notice periods are long!  

Keep them regularly informed of their progress during induction and the content you're preparing for them, share a team photo with them or a little note sent just to them, wish them a happy birthday even if it hasn’t come round yet...  Basically, pay attention to every detail. These initiatives will let you quickly build a bond and retain your new employee. 

But above all, when their big day arrives try to avoid a chaotic first day without any mentoring.  As with a product or a service, first impressions are crucial.  


The use of digital learning as a lever for integration.

Online training platforms now let you  create onboarding pathways in a few clicks.  You can create a training “pathway” in which you can ask your new employee to consult and follow various modules at their pace when they first start working with you. 

Don’t forget to punctuate this “digital” onboarding with face-to-face events to reinforce and facilitate their induction, including meetings with HR, directors, a welcome breakfast, team discussions, etc.

This onboarding process must be fully integrated into your HR policy and be reflected by additional actions each day.  In other words, there’s no use in putting all your energy exclusively into the induction if you’re not involving your employees every day as soon as they walk through the doors of your company.  You may disappoint or even disengage more than one. 

You probably don’t need reminding that your transparency and your sincerity will be your best allies in the face of a new generation of employees who are very demanding in this area.  

Some examples of digital modules

Let’s share with you a few pointers to inspire you when creating your onboarding on your training platform:

- My first day, my schedule, my work environment and above all my colleagues

- The values which underpin our DNA (to be adopted depending on entity)

- Our products (or services), why our customers trust us, who our customers are, etc.

- My position, my challenges, my objectives, my benefits

- Tools necessary or useful on a day-to-day basis   

Do you not have a training platform? Get in touch with us 


5 benefits of digital learning in an induction phase


1) Employees informed (/trained) from the outset in a uniform way, thanks to a tool which is available at any time and at any place.  

2) Customised training pathways with the option of  setting content based on the employee’s job/department . There may be a common basis for everyone followed by more specific modules focused on jobs, soft skills, etc.  

3) Creation of a community for sharing good practices on life within the company, while allowing new employees to hold informal discussions with other departments, access content and discussion threads, etc.  

4)Step by step monitoring of your knew recruits.   Online platforms will provide you with statistics.  It’s up to you to determine which are your key indicators in terms of time spent on induction modules, progression and results obtained, interaction rates with other employees etc.

5) Training adapted to different generations. When you create your modules, you have the option of choosing the suitable formats or media based on the age of your new recruit, their preferences, etc. They will feel that you have made an effort to adapt and take into account their expectations.


Early onboarding reassures future employees
  1. IMG_20191202_095916 (2)

Testimony by Alexandre Eloy, Sales Consultant at myskillcamp.  

Even before my first day, my arrival was already perfectly planned.  Thanks to an established schedule and a team available in the weeks before my arrival, I could look ahead to my induction process.  From taking into account my preferences to organising discussions with employees, nothing was left to chance — A good way to sweep away stress!  

Creating a dedicated space on the Myskillcamp platform let me understand the company, its product and its content  more easily.  

Basically, a structured induction which let me better understand its mission and my role in this team. Once again, THANK YOU!

The onboarding of new employees is often limited to the first day in the company. However, it’s well before then that everything plays out and your trump card lies in the actions you put in place to guide the arrival of your new recruit.  Digital learning can be an ally of choice, so consider it!

It’s up to you!

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